IPR’s Dog of the Week: Gusto

gustoGusto is a low-riding little dude – less than 40 pounds, most of which is his big ol’ head. He’s full-grown at 3 years old, but everywhere he goes people think he’s a puppy (or maybe a cartoon dog come to life!). Gusto spent his early years chained up in a junkyard, but now he’s a total couch potato. He likes to stick close to his people, and he’s the perfect lap-sized snuggle buddy. He doesn’t bark much (except at the scary dishwasher), and he’s well-behaved in his crate. In fact, if you put a cover over the crate, he’ll go right to sleep like a parrot. Gusto LOVES toys – maybe a little too much. His adopter will have to continue working with him on trading up and relinquishing toys at the end of each play session. He’s very treat-motivated as well (his favorites include Greek yogurt, freeze-dried turkey hearts, and any kind of cheese), but nothing trumps a toy, especially if it’s round and/or squeaky. He loves cats, too, even if they don’t love him back, and he charms every person he meets. Is Gusto the one for you?? Fill out an application today!!
gusto 3gusto 2

IPR’s Dog of the week: Brooklyn

Look at this sweet girl BROOKLYN!

brooklynbrooklyn 2

Brooklyn is about 2 years old who LOVES everyone and everything she meets. She is good with dogs big and small – she would do best with a good leader to teach her how to properly play. She has been around cats and doesn’t seem bothered by them. She loves to snuggle her people! She is medium energy (she can be very lazy but will get the zoomies too). She is crate and house trained. She knows basic commands and is currently in  obedience class and doing very well with her manners. She does have problem ears that will need to be watched closely for infection (due to her time spent in the shelter without proper medical care). Interested in Brooklyn? Fill out and application today!


IPR’s Dog of the week: Princess

princessGive me a P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S! What does that spell….PRINCESS! One more time…PRINCESS! Princess is the best cheerleader around! She’s always cheer for you, has a smile on her face, and she’ll cheer you up when you need it the most with her bubbly personality! What more could you want!? Princess is looking for her King and Queen and for a kingdom to call her own. Or could you be her knight in shining armor? You will fall in love with this girl really fast! She loves to go on car rides, walks, give you lots and lots of kisses, and she is a huge snuggler! She also loves to be rubbed under her chin and she will actually fall asleep on your hand! If she does, she’ll end up snoring on you! Although she may be a princess, she does snort and snore when she is all relaxed and happy! She knows basic commands like sit, down, and is working on leave it. Who wants to take this princess to their castle? Princess does have fear of males (humans), and will need a slow/proper introduction to her king! If you are interested in adopting this princess, please fill out an application today!!


This is going to be another big and exciting event! We home you will come out and join us!