Timmy is the “dog of the week” and this sweetie is ready for the spot light!!!

Timmy is searching for his forever family and he is praying that he will be able to find it while having the spot light on him this week. That would be the best Christmas gift ever for him!

Timmy is a very handsome chocolate colored Pittie who is a big sweetie pie. He is a little shy, so he would prefer a home that does not have small children. However, he would love to have a home where he can have some nice fur siblings!

For more information, please go to www.rescueapittie.org to fill out an application today or to learn more about Rosie and our Chicagoland area rescue.

Gracie is the new “dog of the week” and she is ready for the spot light!!!

Gracie is searching for her forever family and is praying that she will be able to find it while having the spot light on her this week.

Gracie was born in 2010. Gracie is an energetic pit bull pup. She loves to run and play. She is quick and loves to explore. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up to you while watching TV. She takes great interest whenever a dog comes on the television and she will watch its moves quite intently, occasionally barking a hello to it. She is fascinated by her reflection in the mirror, especially when she walks away then comes back to find that the other dog came back too! She loves her toys and she likes to play keep away with you before settling down next to you to play with that toy. She has no fear or memory of what happened to her, she just seems to want to get on with her life. Gracie would do best as the only animal in the home. She wants all the attention to be on her!! Please go to http://rescueapittie.org/adoptions/adoption-app/ to fill out an application today!

Gold Canyon Fundraiser!

25% of all Gold Canyon sales through Nancy will be donated to It’s A Pittie Rescue! You can view products on Nancy’s Gold Canyon page at:

To place an order, please contact Nancy…by phone: 708-362-8781
or by email: brket@gmail.com
Just be sure to let her know you are shopping for the It’s A Pittie Rescue fundraiser. Thank you for your support!

Gift Card Donation Drive

Rocky and Friends Online Fundraiser

Please checkout and share It’s A Pittie’s latest fundraiser…
It’s A Pittie Rescue is raising funds to cover various pitties’ medical bills. An example of a current dog in need is our sweet special needs pittie Rocky. Rocky will need surgery to repair his knees and assistance with his vision impairment in order for him to live a comfortable, pain-free life. Any size donation is greatly appreciated. Please share with your friends.

See more at: https://www.youcaring.com/rocky-friends-fundraiser

Bi-Monthly Partylite Fundraiser

Deb has once again, graciously started a PartyLite fundraiser. Now’s the time to try a great spring scent and have the proceeds go to It’s a Pittie Rescue! Use the PayPal buttons below to make your purchases. 50% of your order will be donated to It’s A Pittie Rescue! This is an ongoing fundraiser with orders submitted bi-monthly. Scent descriptions are available here: www.partylite.biz/deboneill

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Raine’s Medical Fundraiser – Leg Surgeries

It’s A Pittie would like to raise $5100 so sweet Raine can have 2 leg surgeries. Rainie will be 5 years old in February and so desperately deserves the chance to be a normal dog – she does amazing things for the pitbull breed. She’s gentle and calm and the only thing in the world she loves more than treats is to be cuddled, loved on and paid attention to. She’s amazing with kids and other animals, she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Raine’s first surgery is scheduled for April 10th!

Please consider giving a donation, it will help enable Raine to live a pain free life.
For more Raine’s story, use this url: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/raine-s-medical-fundraiser-luxating-patellas/126555

To donate, please click the GIVE button below…

It’s A Pittie Events

Never been to an It’s A Pittie event? Checkout this video for a sneak peek into the pittie-party fun!

PetFlow Wish List

For every donation of food or toys that you make, PetFlow will donate 10% in cash so that doggies and kitties can also have access to vet care and medicine as well as food and supplies.

PetFlow’s IPR website url: http://rescue.petflow.com/its-a-pittie-rescue/

Please order the products directly from PetFlow, and use the following It’s A Pittie “SHIP TO” address. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for every single donation made.

It’s A Pittie Rescue
10228 Huntington Ct.
Orland Park, IL 60462

Blastomycosis: A Growing Risk for Dogs

We all do what we can to protect the dogs we love. While we try to avoid unnecessary risks by keeping dogs away from things we know aren’t good for them such as chocolate and toxic plants, there are always new things to learn. There is a dog illness that while relatively uncommon, is on the rise. This potentially fatal illness is called blastomycosis. It can steal your dog’s sight in days or in the worst cases, their life.

-What is Blastomycosis? Blastomycosis (also referred to as “Blasto”) is a systemic disease caused by the blastomyces dermatitidis fungus. Once its spores are inhaled, it causes a yeast to rapidly grow in the lungs. The fungus may then may then spread to other tissue causing additional severe symptoms.

-What are the symptoms? Some common Blasto symptoms are loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, decreased stamina, respiratory ailments, swollen lymph glands, and eye infections or lesions (particularly those that impact the iris). Bloody or pus filled skin lesions which do not heal may also develop as a result of fungal spores entering those areas externally.

-How does a dog get Blasto? Dogs may contract Blasto by inhaling the spores of the blastomyces dermatitidis fungus. The fungus is most often found in damp, dark, wooded areas. Very dry settings may also facilitate transmission as dusty soil that gets kicked up by digging and foraging may contain the spores. In the US, most cases occur in the South, Midwest, and Upper Plains States but is not limited to those areas. Blasto spores may also be picked up in open sores and wounds. It is important to note most infected dogs live within 400 meters of a body of water.

-Why is Chicago a haven for Blasto? The lake has something to do with it because soil by the water is the primary place to get that disease. A majority of cases are seen in the spring because the conditions are ideal for the fungus.

-I’m concerned my dog is showing symptoms of Blasto. What do I do? It is very important blastomycosis be diagnosed early so treatment can begin as soon as possible. An incorrect diagnosis that leads to initial treatment with antibiotics may actually worsen the disease. Blasto is often incorrectly diagnosed as cancer or Lyme Disease, so alert your veterinarian if your dog may have been exposed to fungal spores in a damp, dark, high risk area in the previous 6 weeks. Tests to reach a correct diagnosis may include lung x-rays, examination of lymph node cells, and urine analysis.

-Treatment: Blasto is currently treated long term with antifungal medication. Current treatment options may cause side-effects that require careful monitoring and tends to be quite costly. It can range anywhere from 5000.00 to 10,000 to treat one dog with Blasto. Dietary changes may also be necessary to promote the best possible nutrition to help the dog maintain and rebuild strength.

Prognosis: Early detection and treatment are essential to a good outcome. Of dogs that begin treatment, 25% do not survive, most often due respiratory failure. As you start the treatment, and the fungus starts to die, it lets loose in the lungs and can cause them to go into respiratory failure at any time during the first few weeks of treatment. There is also a reported 25% relapse rate. It can take up to a year of treatment to completely rid the body of this fungus.

Prevention: Dogs most certainly will be dogs, so it makes it hard to avoid conditions where the blastomyces dermatitidis fungus lives. When possible, limit your dog’s exposure to damp, dark areas where there is a lot of decaying material. While the shores of swampy areas and ponds provide great smells, they are high risk areas for fungus. When it is time to be outdoors, try to choose drier, sunny areas for hikes and other adventures.

As your dog’s best friend, being well informed and able to communicate effectively with their healthcare provider is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pal healthy and happy. Hopefully, taking a few simple steps and being alert to your dog’s surroundings will let you share your life with your canine pal for many years to come.

****It’s A Pittie Rescue is currently caring for a loving pitbull named Lenny who has blastomycosis. Three of his systems are affected by this disease: his eyes, his lungs, and his skin. It has caused blindness in his eyes, he keeps developing lesions on his skin that burst open, and it causes major congestion in the lungs. If you would like to help with Lenny’s treatment costs please feel free to submit a donation by clicking the ‘Donation’ link (on the right-hand side of this page). Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.