About Us

It’s a Pittie Rescue
PO Box 383
Peotone, IL 60468

It’s A Pittie Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, re-habbing, and re-homing the Pit Bull breeds and educating people about one of America’s most loyal and kind breed, one dog at a time.

The Rescue Dogs:
Our dogs are placed into loving, caring foster homes until they are ready to be adopted by their responsible new owners. Since we are a foster based rescue, we get to know our dogs very well, so we can help you find the best dog to fit your lifestyle. Our adoption fee includes a spay/neuter, heartworm test, vaccines, and a microchip.

While in their foster homes, the dogs are also working on learning things like crate training, potty training, and basic commands so they can be their best!

Our Adoption Rates:
$300 for 8 weeks – 6 months old
$250 for 7 months – 12 months old
$200 for 1 year – older

Our Adoption Process:
To be an eligible adopter, you must be over 21 years of age and complete the following:
-Adoption Application
-Background check
-Reference calls
-Veterinarian check
-Home visit
After you are approved for adoption, we arrange meet and greets for you to find your new best friend.

13 Responses to About Us

  1. Audrey Brunson

    I’m interested in providing a foster home for Missy, if she is available still. I completed the application before (about 1-2 months ago). Do I.have to do it again?

  2. Nina Birkenfeld


    I can’t do much but I would love to send you my Essiac Paws Tea for Angel. I have had great success in helping senior, cancer dogs with the tea. Please let me know your address or I’ll deliver it, I live in Crest Hill, IL. Please feel to go to my site essiacpawstea.com and give me a call Nina 708 224-5908

  3. There are 2 young Pittie called Casey and Chip who on death row today.
    Do you have any fosters available. I will donate $300 to help with their costs I have joined Amy Jane Maxwell to help cross post for the CACC volunteer site. URGENT 10/31/12 (773-339-3434)

  4. Helen Barrett

    I am a student with Animal Behavior College, (ABC). I am in my Externship and I am required to volunteer basic obiedience training for at least 10 hours. I would love to volunteer with Pittie Rescue. I am the proud owner of 2 pitties and we have competed in AKC rally for the past two years. My boy, Dana is 7 years old and he is competing in Advance level and my girl, Mia is 5 years old and she is competing in Excellent leave. They have placed each time they walk in the ring except for once. I have owned pitties for the past 20 years. My first three pitties came from the Chicagoland Dog Rescue under the supervision of Tomas Flores. If there is something I can do with Pittie Rescue please let me know. I look forward in hearing from you.

  5. Joan Hinchcliffe

    I just saw a picture of Petunia on my Facebook. I am praying for her. Who could do this to a beautiful girl like that!
    I have rescue horses and a rescue dog. I cannot donate much but would like to send some money for Petunia’s care.
    Do you mind if I send it snail-mail? I don’t like to donate on-line but I will if it is easier for you.
    Thanks you for what you do.

  6. Jimmy Porter

    There are so many Facebook pages with this name, so the one I am looking for was a group in the Chicago or Joliet area. Petunia I have followed since it was first on the internet. You were the last group who had her when she died. Just so you know I have placed her picture on my Facebook, as have others, as this is all we can think we can do. I assume you take prayers, donations, both of money and items of need. We have been informed that her Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/MamaPetunia will continue with the 5 babies that were born before she died of exaustion.

  7. Denise Williams

    I just read of Snapdragon’s passing, and I am just devastated! I just want to pass along my sympathy and support for you all!! I don’t know any of you, however, I hope you are all doing ok, mentally and physically!!! The ramifications of what has happened to Petunia and her babies is just so much to bear, and I hope you can continue, even with heavy hearts! if it were not for you Petunia story would not have been told and at least she got to know love and compassion in her final days. I will continue to pray for strength and courage for you all so that you can be brave enough to continue to fight for her and her babies. I hope you find justice for Petunia! God Bless you all!!!

  8. There are so many pitties I would love to foster and several I would love to consider adopting if they fit into our family with my pit now. I filled out an application a little while ago. About how long does the process take to know if you’ve been approved? I have not heard anything on my application. Thanks! :) Mandy

  9. Do you adopt to residents in Indiana?

  10. Lorraine Miller

    Can I adopt from out of state? If so, is there help available in setting up a reliable transport to Medford, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston) ? Please let me know. I am interested in Lily or Willow. As I have a 5 year old male, Italian Greyhound. My 12 year old female recently passed away of natural causes.Thank-you.

    Lorraine Miller

  11. Natasha Furlano

    On March 8 you be at an event in Bourbonnias, I want to know if Gizmo and Ringo will be at this event. My Family and I are very interested in meeting them! Thank you

  12. Chrissy McDorman

    My nephew has a beautiful Pit his name is Stitch. He’s around 2-2 1/2 years old beautiful brindle. A little rambunctious but he’s still young. To get to the point he needs a home soon. My nephew’s family is about to expand with twins coming any day and Stitch will need attention too. If anyone can help let me know. I have pics. Our shelter would put him down because of his breed (neutered)

  13. yes, we adopt to mostly the tri-state area (including indiana)

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