Don’t leave your dog unattended in your yard!

At It’s A Pittie Rescue, we believe that your adopted Pit Bull Terrier is a loyal, loving, furry new member of your family, and a yard is no place for your family companion to spend his days. Leaving your Pit Bull Terrier alone in the yard leads to boredom, loneliness, frustration, and anxiety, and damages your dog’s bond with you. By spending his days in your home, he is surrounded by surroundings, and especially by the smells of his family. When a dog is trapped in a yard all day, he’s at the mercy of the weather and his own mind to entertain him until he’s allowed back into the home. This can distance your dog from your family, which isn’t fun for anyone!

Additionally, unsupervised yard time can foster bad habits like boredom barking, digging, and rude social behaviors towards people and dogs that pass by. Pit Bull Terriers are athletic, intelligent, and resourceful dogs – which means your new dog could escape the yard if he is left unsupervised for long enough. He could even be stolen FROM your yard by another person – if this happens while you’re at work, it could be several hours before you notice and are able to launch a search effort.

Here’s what It’s A Pittie Rescue Board Member and professional dog trainer Debbie Wilke has to say: “Dogs that are left unattended can get into things, get loose, get stolen etc. Pit Bulls are a high theft item and are very industrious when they get bored and are left alone. They scale fences, slip out of harnesses and bite through tie outs. It is not safe for them to be outside alone!”

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