Mission Statement

Saving Dogs’ Lives – Educating People!

It’s a Pittie Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabbing and rehoming the Pit Bull breeds and educating people about one of America’s most loyal and kind breeds, one dog at a time.

We are a volunteer based, no-kill rescue.

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  2. Hi, I think you are doing a wonderful job.

  3. Katherine Walters

    Just discovered your site today. Left a small donation. Thank you for what you do. You’ve helped restore my faith in my own species. :)

  4. I recently was on petfinder.com and seen your rescue located here in Peotone! I was not only interested in possible volunteering if that’s an option or fostering and how that works. We are looking to adopt maybe within the next year and adopting locally would be awesome. So I was also looking for some info on the adoption process. Thanks in advance for reading my email.

  5. Hi my name is Jackie. I was wondering if you let people stop in and look at the dogs if interested in adopting. I live about 100 miles away. We rescued our first Pit Bull about a year ago and she has been the best dog ever. We are looking for a male has to like dogs, friendly with people and love kids. We didnt know if our dog Aria would beable to meet them to so we know they would get along. She will be two in April. Hopefully you have a match cause we are ready to add to our family.

  6. First you would have to fill out an adoption application on our website. After you are approved for adoption, then we arrange meet and greets for you to find your new best friend. Please note that we currently only adopt to the Chicago area (including suburbs), Southern Wisconsin, Southern Michigan, and Northwest Indiana.

  7. Thank you for considering our rescue! Please feel free to fill out a Volunteer application under the ‘Get Involved’ tab and someone will get back to you with the different tasks we could use help with.

    Also, to be an eligible adopter, you must be 21 years of age and complete the following:
-Adoption Application

    -Background Check

    -Reference call
-Veterinarian check
-Home Visit
After you are approved for adoption, then we arrange meet and greets for you to find your new best friend.

  8. Thank you so much for the chance of hope you gave Bella. God Bless

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