April Showers bring May adoptions? Maybe.

As a foster, you welcome a dog into your home.  They become part of your family.  For a dog like April, if you have another dog, she becomes your “extended” family.

April isn’t a fan of other dogs.  She actually isn’t a fan of other pets in general.  April wants to be #1.  And she should be!  She has been so patient waiting for her forever home.  She deserves to be the one and only.  From the terrible conditions she lived in to her foster home where she waits day after day,  it’s time.

So when the owner of Petite Bete offered April a photo shoot, she jumped at the chance!  April is an older gal at 6 years old, but she is full of life and that life can start again in her very own forever home.

See more of April’s modelling debut on the Petite Bete website.

If you’d like to have April be your one and only pet, fill out an application!

April Photoshoot


We can’t save them all, but we sure are going to try.



March 2018 was a busy month for us.  We had 25 (TWENTY-FIVE!!!!) adoptions.  We brought nearly as many into the rescue.  At the same time we had 9 fuzzy little bundles running around, being adorable and getting ready for their forever homes.

The story of Mama Cinnamon and her puppies is a special one.  To think this mama and her precious babies were almost lost to the unfortunate reality of shelters is heartbreaking.  To know we were able to save them reignites the fire in each of us rescuers and reminds us that although we can’t save them all, we can save so many.

Thank you, our loyal supporters, for incredible generosity.

Check out the story of Mama Cinnamon and meet her beautiful babies below.


If you would like to add Mama or any of her beautiful pups to your family, fill out an application HERE.