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  1. Hi i have 2 pit brothers been together since 4wks old they are now 6 one brindle(tank) one brown /white (max) i can no longer care for these dogs and need someone to take care of the dogs. They are good dogs and i feel bad because we dont have time for them and neglect them please help i dont want the pound to kill them.

  2. Some animal rescue sites only will adopt locally. I live in Missouri and just curious. I have 2 dogs a 11 yo Min Pin who is almost blind and a rescue mix medium sz dog that had been severely neglected, malnourished, tape worms, ear infection and scared of everything. She now is a thriving, playful, beautiful girl who loves everyone. Still a bit skittish with strange men. I would love to adopt another dog who needs help.

  3. joyce koehler

    i have a pittie, and wouldn’t trade her for the world.. i fell in love with your sight… wish i could mama them all.

  4. Patty McWilliams

    I tried to send an application. Also left a phone message. I just want to be sure you go them. I am not very sure if the application went through.
    I applied for Bands. I would like to visit the rescue if possible.


    I saw a picture of a gray and white pit bull on facebook….it said he was at CACC in Chicago and listed your website. Do you have him there and is he available for adoption?

  6. Shelley Lynn Kowalewski

    Just wanted to let you know I filled out the application for Sugar. If someone could call me I di have a couple questions. My number is (920)765-2142
    Thanks :)

  7. I saw LEO on facebook this morning. Trying to find him to fill out application. I don’t want him to be put down. Has he been adopted or how do i find him to fill out app?

  8. Marilyn McGhee

    I am inquiring about Buster 2 – not for me, but for a family I know that is looking for a good kid-friendly dog – they have 2 kids (twins) almost 2 years old. …. Here is the hitch: we live in West Texas …. do your pitties travel if the right home connection is found?
    Marilyn McGhee
    Jethro Homeward Bound Pets

  9. A friend sent me a post on a 10-12 yr old male pit named Walter. But I don’t see him on your website. Is Walter still available?


  10. i saw a couple of your pitties i have 2 of my own i want to bring in one more pup i have a blue pit he is 3 he is neutered my female is 4 they bring me so much love and silly things they do but i feel if i get another it would just make my family happy ever after

  11. Brian T. Campbell

    What is your adopting process?

  12. To be an eligible adopter, you must be 21 years of age and complete the following:
    -Adoption Application
    -Background Check
    -Reference call
    -Veterinarian check
    -Home Visit
    After you are approved for adoption, then we arrange meet and greets for you to find your new best friend.

  13. Please feel free to fill out an adoption or foster application and a volunteer will contact you. Thank you!

  14. Norma Singto

    l heard on the radio about a female dog badly burned and injured possibly was hit by a car and is going to have puppies, how can l help this poor dog.

  15. Sharon Ertl

    I would very much to help volunteer – we have a 2 year old blu pit male and have been thinking of getting him a companion but are worried about the territorial thing. Is this a big issue with them?

    But I an willing to do administrative, applications, blogs, any kind of clerical needed and walk the dogs if needed. Another question ; I crochet small blankets for cats and dogs. Would there be a need for them at the shelter?

    Pleas let me know. Phone # 708-532-2971 Tried application and it wasn’t working.

  16. Would Dottie be alright with my 2 male (neutered) dogs? My American Bulldog, Petey has had 2 ACL surgeries in 10 months (recently recovering from the second one, which was almost a week ago). I’m in the Blo-No area, my dogs Vet who did both ACL surgeries & the physical therapy is a mile away from my house. I’m obviously very familiar with the recovery of an ACL surgery, so I would be a perfect fit & place for her ACL surgery & recovery time. Both my dogs were adopted/rescued at 5 & 6 months old. Let me know! bekra1@yahoo.com

  17. We have a pit bull mix.we love her very, very much.
    She is not social with other dogs. Our vet suggested to get a puppie.
    Would we be eligible for a home study,for a possible foster?
    She is now 10 years old,and with much love,attention, and aging
    I think she has mellowed.I am not sure what her story is,but she was
    Adopted out,and returned twice to the Kankakee shelter.
    We have a large fenced yard,no children.

  18. Sarah Brodeur-Campbell

    We just adopted one of your dogs — Penny, and I wanted to say we were very impressed by your adoption process. It was very thorough, and showed a lot of care and love for your dogs. She has been a wonderful fit for our family so far, is adjusting nicely, and doing well in obedience classes! We love her — my two year old calls her “his bestest!”

  19. Hello! I just want to say first I love what you are doing for my Pittie friends :) Thank you so much for all the effort and love you put into these dogs to find them a good home!
    I recently filled out an application for Calvin, Jack and Lincoln. However I just saw Freddy Boom Boom. I watched his video and cried! Hehe you could say I have a really soft heart! I am really interested in giving any of these dogs a forever home but I am super duper interested in Calvin or Freddy Boom Boom!! Hoping to hear from y’all soon – please keep on keeping on!!

  20. Kimberly Galarza

    Hi .. I am looking to adopt a dog.. I can across your site and was curious do you only adopt out locally? As I am in New Jersey but would love to give one of these Pitties a great home.

  21. Hi Kimberly, currently we only adopt to the Chicago tri-state area (Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin).

  22. I saw a post on facebook for a dog named Tarzan that was linked to your page. Do you guys actually have him or was that a spam post? I would take him in a heartbeat if you do have him.

  23. Please contact me further if you do have Tarzan and what I need to do. Thank you! Kramj5730@gmail.com

  24. Choosing a pet is a lifetime responsibility. I wouldread elsewhere about the old pitbull Tarzan. His family since he was a few weeks old are moving away with their other dog and cats. Seems they may have some children who have not been with them as long as Tarzan. Perhaps they could leave one of the kids to hopefully be adopted out instead. A better alternative than euthanizing. Unless of course they have a child over 65 in which case its their call….

  25. Tarzan is in a foster home, if you are interested in adopting him please fill out an application on our website: http://www.rescueapittie.org

  26. Looking for info of a dog named Molly AKA Carmen.
    I am interested in adopting her. I have a year old male dog
    named Sam at home and they look twins.

  27. I live in Missouri and wondered if you allowed adoptions from other states?

  28. Melissa Fleetwood

    I wanted to know if you allow adoptions from other states? I live in Missouri. I love your site and thank you for all you do for these precious babies!

  29. Krystal Paulsen

    Hi we are intrested in a male puppy of of your Facebook page wondering what would be the best way to get information.

  30. It’s a Pittie adopts to the tri-state area and will only consider out of state adoptions on a case-by-case basis.

  31. To start the process, please fill out an adoption application on our website (include the name of the dog that you are interested in).

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