Importance of Socialization

What is it?
A socialized dog is one that is well-equipped to deal with the world he lives in. This means that proper socialization prepares a dog to interact safely and positively with EVERYTHING!
Why is socialization so important to It’s A Pittie Rescue?
Pit Bulls are held to a higher standard in society!

Attending reward-based training classes is GREAT for socializing a puppy or maintaining an adult dog’s socialization with humans and other dogs. Most training classes will have other puppies and dogs of different breeds, colors, and sizes, and positively interacting with them will help keep your dog’s social skills sharp. If you have a young puppy, make sure to speak to your vet to avoid exposing him to strange dogs before his immune system is ready. These classes will also have new humans for your puppy or dog to meet. This improves or maintains his socialization to people.
More Ways to Socialize Your Dog with Other Dogs
• Walks with canine friends
• Arrange dog playdates with your relatives, friends
• Attend dog training classes
• Pack Walks
• Dog Playdates
• Dog Training Classes
• At-Home Group Training

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