if you were a young dog who suddenly somehow found yourself roaming the streets & being picked up as a stray. You don’t know where you are & you don’t know where your person is. You are put in a small cage & left there, standing in your own urine until you turn yellow underneath. Then somebody you don’t know comes & takes you away. You go to something called a foster home. Then you go to another home but your people make a mistake & let you get too close to the resident dog too soon & you have a disagreement. So you go back to the thing called a foster home. Then you go to a nice home, there are kids there, you go for walks every day. You have a lot of energy & prove to be too much for the new family so you again come back to the thing called a foster home. There you sit, not really understanding what is happening or why. All you know is that you still don’t have a person to love you & a family to call your own.

This is Pearl’s reality, all within the last 4/5 months. Now she is in need of a new foster home due to some medical issues with the resident dogs, who must be separated from Pearl as she needs to be the only pet.

Pearl is a young, energetic beautiful girl who has not had a chance to settle into a normal life with normal routines. She is smart & loves to work. She has been doing really well in training class & would benefit from someone who can continue working with her at home. Pearl really needs someone to step up & help her asap.

If you think you might be interested in adopting her or foster her, please apply online: ADOPTION APPLICATION or FOSTER APPLICATION


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