IPR’s Dog of the Week: Poppy

Gentle POPPY

Poppy is a very special girl. She was found hours from death, locked in a crate, back in September 2014. Because of the neglect she experienced prior to being rescued by It’s A Pittie, she has some chronic health and extreme allergy issues. Poppy spent several years in filthy surroundings, malnourished and neglected. Due to this her immune system is compromised and she experiences recurring ear, eye and skin infections. With daily care they can be kept under control. She also developed some extreme allergies and must have a strict prescription diet. None of her health problems are contagious to other dogs. IPR was able to get her healthy enough to be spayed and have surgery on her eyes to help her vision and now her eye infection are occasional instead of chronic.
Despite the horrible treatment she received from humans early in life, Poppy is an extremely loving dog that is good with people, children and other dogs (not sure about cats). She lives with 4 other dogs and she loves her canine foster siblings! It has taken her some time to learn how to play with them without getting too excited but now she spends hours playing with them every day. Poppy is about 4 years old and a very gentle, laid back and affectionate girl. She loves to go for car rides and sit in the front passenger seat so she can see everything going on but is just as happy sitting on the sofa next to her person.
Poppy is waiting for just the right person to be her best friend. While she may require some extra time and attention to provide the care she needs, you will never find a more loyal and loving friend.

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