Check out this video of Buster!

Buster loves playing in the snow and having a good time! If you think you might be interested in fostering or adopting Buster, fill out an application from the Adopt or Foster links at the top of the page!

One Response to Check out this video of Buster!

  1. I tried to fill out the volunteer form on the site, but for some reason cant get past the security form. I have been a pitbull mom for 12 years, and my husband and stepchildren have been with my Duke for 5 years. We would be interested in coming to the rescue and walking, playing, socializing with the dogs when we can- my Duke has made everyone in the house pitbull activists! My pitbull, Duke, that I have been with since 5 weeks old, now almost 12yrs, has given me a purpose and cause. Nothing affects me the way these dogs do! Please contact me if there are any flexible volunteer positions- we have crazy work/school schedules, but would love to help when we can!