By now, many of you have been following Ace’s story on Facebook. Ace came to us last Friday. He was emaciated, comatose, infested with fleas, and covered in leaves. Our vet theorized that he hadn’t eaten for about three weeks. He was hypothermic, his body temperature so low that it could not be measured. He was anemic and had no measurable blood pressure. Against all odds, Ace made it through the night and woke up Saturday morning, but he was in kidney failure. Our amazing vet staff is working on reversing the kidney failure. On Saturday he was able to eat a bit, and his temperature came up to a readable level. With the eating came some bloody diarrhea… Diarrhea that contained items like cellophane, cigarette butts, rubber, leaves, mulch… Ace ate whatever he could find to fill his stomach.

Ace on the table at the vet

Ace's state upon arrival to our vet

Ace is about a year and a half old and should weigh between 50 and 60 pounds, but he only weighed 21 pounds when he came into vet care. He is slowly but surely gaining weight though, and is now 23 pounds. At first things looked grim for poor Ace, but he’s made it through the hardest part so far and we are optimistic. He has a long hard road to recovery ahead of him and needs all of the help he can get. If you could find it in your heart to donate towards Ace’s care, we will ensure he receives the best care and all of the love he deserves! Below are more pictures of Ace after he arrived at the vet.

Ace at the vet

Ace at the vet


Ace in recovery

Ace in recovery

If you would like to donate for Ace’s care, please click on the donate link. We also have a Chip-In going if you would like to make your donation that way.

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  1. Chipped In and sending you good thoughts sweetie.

  2. sending my love and care. chipped in also.

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